Welcome to Tripura State Co-operative Bank Ltd.

 The Tripura  State Cooperative Bank Limited (TSCB) was established on 21-01-1957 with its headquarters at Agartala. Since its formation it has proved to be flag-bearer among the Cooperative Credit Institutions in the country. It is channeling Cooperative credit through its member District Cooperative Central Banks and Primary Agricultural Cooperative Credit Societies to the resource-needy and enterprising farmers in the state. TSCB is a Government partnered Bank.
>> Under this co-operative bank head office and the branches will become of TSCB Ltd.
>> All affiliated LAMPS/PACS will act as service provider.

  • Online Banking


    We Provide all types of banking and allied services to our precious business clients.

  • Loan Informations


    The loan portfolio of TSCB covers Crop Loans, Medium Term Loans and Long Term Loans for Agricultural purposes.

  • Other Informations


    Various type of Investment Products, Distribution of Financial Products, Investment we Provide

IMPORTANT : Tripura State Co-Operative Bank Ltd. never asks for your ATM pin/OTP no. through phone call/SMSes/e-mails. Please do not respond to any such phone call/SMSes/e-mails. Any such phone calls/SMSes/E-mails asking you could be an attempt to withdraw money from your account. NEVER NEVER share these details to anyone. Tripura State Co-Operative Bank Ltd. wants you to be secure.if you come across any such instances please inform us through e-mail to the following address- tripurascbltd@gmail.com/coopbankho@tscb.co.in